H  I  S  T  O  R  Y


"THE HERMETIC SOCIETY FOR WORLD SERVICE" was established, during this new time cycle, in the United States in 1950, by Dr. Robert T. Browne (Preceptor, Ascended), and his wife Mrs. Cecilia Browne.


The Blessed Master (R.T.B.) came into incarnation in the present cycle by request of the LOGOS Who asked Him to come to Reveal the Hermetic Gnosis in a scientifique manner, due to the fact that the souls coming into incarnation in the present time would be aquarian souls, highly spiritually evolved souls. Before coming into incarnation these Souls were trained in the Classrooms of the Masters, in the Inner Planes, to fight for the Cause of the Light, and they need a teaching that is not only based on Faith (which is very important), but on intelligence, without rigid dogmas, since everything in the material world as well as in the spiritual can be explained.

Logically the Blessed Master accepted the Will of GOD, but told HIM that He had denatured His Atoms -the Permanent Seed Atoms that produce the lower quaternary- a long time ago because when one attains Liberation (to become one with GOD consciously, and be free from the Wheel of Rebirths) these Atoms can not longer engender the lower bodies that allow the soul to exist in the Human Octave as they did before attaining Liberation.


It was at this moment when two Great Cosmic Beings from the Constellation through which ATMA is transmitted throughout our Solar System, made possible for the Blessed Guru to take incarnation at this time.


For the foundation of "THE HERMETIC SOCIETY FOR WORLD SERVICE”, in the evening of a specially appointed date the Beloved and Blessed Master, together with His Consort and another person, went to a Sacred Mountain in the United States to Officially receive, in the Physical Plane, the Divine Plan that the LOGOS, THE PLANETARY HIERARCHY and HIMSELF had drawn in advance in the Inner Planes.


When the Master asked the LOGOS whether He had to search for the disciples, the LOGOS told Him not to worry about that and the LOGOS continued saying: "I SHALL SEND THEM TO YOU, YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THEM BECAUSE THE ONES THAT COME AND STAY WILL BE THE ONES I SENT."


THE HERMETIC SOCIETY is sponsored by five great Ascended Masters and five great Divine Mothers. Among them there are the Masters MORYA and KUT HUMI besides the BLESSED CELESTIAL HIERARCHY both Planetary and Cosmic.


In 1970 the BLESSED MASTER established the Dominican Chapter or Organon of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where the International Headquarters of THE HERMETIC SOCIETY is currently situated as HE commanded before His ASCENSION in this incarnation.


Dr. Gilberto J. Fiallo Ch.
International Headquarters